10 things to do when traveling to Hanoi

10 things to do when traveling to Hanoi 24 July

Going to the market early in the morning, wandering in the old town, or enjoying egg coffee are in the “must-do” list in Hanoi by Western tourists.

Going to market

It is not the Dong Xuan market, the Quang Ba flower market and the Long Bien market that are the two addresses that many Westerners whispers to visit once if they have the opportunity to visit the capital. The market mainly sells flowers and fruits but requires visitors to stay up late, get up early to see all the bustling atmosphere of a very different Hanoi at night.

Located right under the Long Bien Bridge, Long Bien wholesale market is bustling year-round with seafood products, food for cattle, poultry, vegetables … but the most famous is the fruit wholesale market. From 8 pm, the market started to become more and more excited at night. Quang Ba flower market opens all night but the most crowded was around 3 – 4 am, people buy and sell bustling. There are many big and small bouquets of flowers in the car. The street lights on the high street shone shimmering, spreading around thousands of colorful flowers, the scenery made many people fall in love. There are people who are not small businesses and are awake all night wandering in the market. Not to be drunk, nor to love flowers, they were addicted to the rare atmosphere at midnight of the land of the Period.

Walking in Hoan Kiem Lake early in the morning

Someone once said that Sword Lake is the best place to start a new day. Regardless of spring, autumn, winter, whether it is sunny or rainy, Hanoi people still keep the habit of exercising early morning. Visitors can just walk, watch the natural scenery at dawn, enjoy the fresh air when the roads are still not full of vehicles, or try to immerse yourself in the group of nursing students, aerobics, shuttlecock …

Losting in the old quarter

Chris Anderson, a CNNGo reporter once lost his foot in Hanoi’s old quarter. He said that describing Hanoi’s oldest quarter is really a waste of money.

“There is no need to go on about the fact that you have to come to the right place, just let your feet lead the way to discover the most colorful and nostalgic streets of the capital. No destination, no lines available, just turn right, turn left or go straight, “Chris suggested. This street is full of toys, the other street is all about shoes, clothes, antiques or sometimes tombstones and motor parts. If you come here at the after office hour, the experience will be more interesting. You must always avoid people and cars on the road.

On the sidewalk, it was also as crowded as the road, people displayed plastic chairs to trade, motorbikes were long, small dogs were running around, people laughing and talking at the stalls. Therefore, 1,000 years of history of Hanoi flowed through the streets as bloodstream crept in each vein, blowing into the breath of life both past and present.

Visiting”train road neighbor”

Many visitors must be surprised if accidentally crossed the train tracks running between a small street of Hanoi. People can calmly trade, chat or travel in the neighborhood because they know the time of the train. When there were alarms, they picked up the shops and then left the tracks. The train passed, the distance was so close that it felt like someone just stood from the door and reached out to touch the train.

Visiting Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

One of the destinations to the Western visitors cannot ignore when coming to any city is the museums, historical monuments. One of the cultural discoveries – the most visited by foreign tourists is the Ethnographic Museum. The Museum of Ethnology currently stores and displays 15,000 artifacts, 42,000 documentaries, pictures and thousands of other documents on 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam. Artifacts are categorized and displayed according to different contents in the Bronze Drum building, where visitors can learn about the lives of ethnic people through their everyday objects. Outdoor sightseeing area has 10 unique folk buildings such as the Bana’s communal house, stilt houses half of Dao people, collective graves of Giarai people …Besides, tourists also come to Vietnam Women’s Museum, Hanoi Museum or Hoa Lo Prison, Hanoi Flagpole relics … to learn about the city’s culture and history.

Drinking egg coffee

When not drinking beer, Hanoi people drink coffee, that is what many tourists still transmit each other about the Ha Thanh people. Besides black coffee, black coffee or yogurt coffee, many visitors are surprised to know egg coffee of Hanoi people. Cup of small coffee placed in a bowl of warm water will fascinate visitors with a different flavor – not too sweet or bitter, not fishy, the fat taste of whipped eggs blended with each drop of coffee. Foreign visitors to Hanoi often come to Giang, Dinh, Lam or Pho Co coffee … to enjoy a bit of old Hanoi aftertaste. Pull ing a chair to the street, sitting down and drinking coffee is in Hanoi style. It really is a great way to enjoy life.

Sitting at the shift shop

It would be pity if visitors to Hanoi have not tried the feeling of sitting on a sidewalk and try any food, from pho, noodles, banh cuon … for breakfast

Walking on Long Bien Bridge

Long Bien Bridge is likened to historical witnesses that experienced many ups and downs of Hanoi. The bridge over a hundred years old is also the imprint between the present and the old memories of the people who love Hanoi. The bridge was built in 1898, currently still operates with 3 lanes and a separate lane for trains. Western visitors often share about the experience of walking or cycling through Long Bien Bridge in the early morning or the end of the day, do not forget to remind each other to bring a camera to store beautiful images of this ancient work.

Watching the flag salute ceremony at President Ho Chi Minh’s mausoleum

If you miss the flag raising ceremony on the side of President Ho Chi Minh’s mausoleum, you can rest easy on a round-the-city tour and come back here to join the flag-breaking ceremony at 9pm every day. The respectful atmosphere encompassed Ba Dinh Square when the loudspeaker sounded on the announcement of the coming ceremony of the flag. The people lined up neatly, watching the security guards down the national flag in the music song, “He is still with us.”

Walking on the streets at night

When the whole city falling asleep, Hanoi street suddenly put on a quiet look, contrasting with the bustle of the day. The silent doors, the lightless shops, the empty vehicles … will leave a very different impression on the traveler.













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