Hai Phat Land: Journey of 13 years from Real Estate Agency to Developer

Hai Phat Land: Journey of 13 years from Real Estate Agency to Developer 12 April

Hai Phat Land was widely known as one of the biggest northern agency brands. After 13 years of rapid growth with stable and strong financial potential, the company has officially taken the role as the developer of large-scale project series.

13 years of preparation at steady pace

In 2008, Vietnam real estate market hit the peak before sudden collapse. At that time, a real estate company was established under the name of Hai Phat real estate joint stock company (predecessor of current Hai Phat Land), do business at 1st floor, 17T5 Hoang Dao Thuy street, Cau Giay district, Hanoi.

Surviving the market ups and downs, to 2016, Hai Phat Land relocated the entire head office and relating businesses to 2nd floor, Complex of commercial, service and apartment The Pride, To Huu, Ha Dong, Hanoi. Since then, the company started to make significant strides all over the market.

The stage from 2017 – 2018 marked the outstanding improvement of Hai Phat Land which ceaselessly expanded the nationwide activity range. Only in 2 years, from 1 headquarter, Hai Phat Land set up 25 branches more, 15 subsidiaries and affiliates, 01 representative office in South Korea. In the stage from 2019 – 2020, although the market went through vicissitudes as the result of legal matters, scarce supply and COVID-19 pandemic, the company still maintain the positive growth and obtain the annual sale of circa 10.000 units.

Currently, Hai Phat Land has appeared all over the nation with 35 branches & representative offices and 16 subsidiaries, affiliates. The company has raised the charter capital to nearly VND 1.000 billion dong, accounting for 30% distributing market share in the North, 17% in the Middle and 7% in the South.

Right as the first steps, by long term vision, Hai Phat Land has been the pioneer to build comprehensive real estate economic system. Precisely as its name, this is indeed an fully developed ecosystem of every sectors from investing, project development consulting, distributing, management and exploit to the technology solutions, marketing, advertising; even high quality employee training. All of these sectors aimed to provide all-inclusive solution for real estate market.

As the matter of fact, the real estate ecosystem with complementary sectors is the foundation and leverage which bring the value added to the product sold by Hai Phat Land. The company became the good aides of the reputable project owners, the exclusive agency of hundreds of project nationwide as well.

Hai Phat Land not only succeed in sales, but also succeed in developing and consulting as evidenced by the high liquidity and quick sale. Many projects seemingly stay in a plateau for a long time, only when Hai Phat Land get involved, with creative business strategies, the company has reinnovated, upgraded, repaired the concept, bringing more value to the customers, then “resuscitate” the projects.

Subsequent to the great contribution to the market, many reputable domestic and foreign organizations have awarded Hai Phat Land a series of prestigious prizes. Accordingly, the company has been awarded the 5th consecutive time the Top 5 Examplary Vietnam Real Estate Agencies by Vietnam Association Of Realtors from 2015 – 2020; Vietnam Valuable Brand 2019; Vietnam’s Best Real Estate Agencies 2019 at Dot Property Awards 2019; Top 10 ASEAN Of Exemplary Enterprises and Top 10 Popular Brands in ASEAN Economic Forum 2020; Top 5 Reputable Real Esate Consulting and Brokerage Company 2020 voted by Vietnam Report.

Climbing the new ladder of a Developer

During 13 years of development, Hai Phat Land has not only been merely an agency, but aso a project developing consultancy company, secondary investor, becoming the “capable right hand” of hundred of developers, approaching various type of products. This helps Hai Phat Land understands every corner of the market and customer’s demand, then provide the enticing and high liquidity products.

In 2021, with strong financial potential and valuable experiences, Hai Phat Land decided to impel investing activity by launching La Emera Ha Long Urban Area, at Ha Phong Ward, Ha Long City. This project officially marks ground-breaking transformation of Hai Phat Land under the new role of Real Estate Developer.

Hai Phat Land Representative, CEO Vu Kim Giang said: “Companion time with clients and market help us to gain precious experience. We realize that the Vietnam properties have many potential for appreciation. This also makes me and my team feel impelled to keep moving forward, take on the new role to contribute to the general real estate development in Vietnam.

Mr. Giang also commented, not only La Emera Ha Long Urban Area, but also a series of project branded “La Emera” will be rolled out in cities across the country. In addition, these projects are designed elegant, natural harmony and resort style.

“Although the path of a Developer role promises to be tough, we belive in respect to the dedication of the leader team along with careful preparation, the value accumulated through many years, Hai Phat Land will bring out the most realistic, enticing and profitable to all customers” – Mr Vu Kim Giang emphasized. Promoting the investment activity help Hai Phat Land to complete the important missing piece for the all-inclusive real estate ecosystem, create the premise for the entire system innovation, continue to affirm the position at the top of the North real estate market share.

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