Project Goldseason

Project Information

  • Name of the project: TNR Goldseason
  • Location: 47 Nguyen Tuan, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi
  • Tentative hand-over time: October 2018
  • Investor: TNR Holdings Vietnam
  • Site area: 22,371 m2
  • Density of Building: 36.4%
  • Number of apartments: 1,500 apartments
  • Apartment area: 64 m2 – 108 m2
  • Price: $1,520 per m2
  • Architectural style: Contemporary American style

Liberal and Modern – TNR Goldseason is complex project inspired by the American style and known as the New Manhattan in the heart of Hanoi.

Choosing TNR Goldseason is not only choosing a place to live but also aiming for a lifestyle. Its architecture is the cross between the contemporary and traditional style, the creation of an American who holds Vietnam in the heart and aspires to make the remarkable difference to the community. That is the reason why no one can resist the attraction of TNR Goldseason – the destination of success and the peaceful nest in the center of hustle and bustle Hanoi.


TNR Goldseason is located right at the highly recommended area in terms of integrated infrastructure, comprehensive amenities and convenient regional connections with high educated standard.

From TNR Goldenseason, you can easily get access to a wide range of public transportations, schools and prestigious universities, supermarkets, hospitals and clinics, international airport as well as the heart of Hanoi’s administrative centre.




With 4 apartment buildings and the capacity of 1,500 apartments which will soon be home for you and your family, TNR Goldseason brings along Green Architecture – the joint between nature and modern living standard.

Manhattan Park is the highlight of the project with the breeze of nature and lifestyle presenting in Spring greensward, Water and Light Square, Pavillon – Memories and Love, etc.

Besides, TNR Goldseason is well-equipped with comprehensive amenities which can satisfy all your needs, even in your wildest dream!

Call to: (+84) 931 130 668