Project Nui Truc Square

Project Information

  • Name of the project: Nui Truc Square
  • Location: No.17, Nui Truc, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi
  • Tentative hand-over time: Q.4/2018
  • Investor: Mekong Group
  • Site area: 1,052 m2
  • Density of Building: 70%
  • Number of apartments: 69 apartments
  • Apartment area: 54 m2 – 125 m2
  • Price: $1,739 per m2
  • Architectural style: Modern and Friendly


It is said “Pick on someone your own size”, yet Nui Truc Square, not as large as other projects, still has so much up its sleeves. This is the perfect place to nest and create a compact community, to grow and develop yourself and the quality of life for your family.

In spite of the small scale in comparison to others apartment complex, Nui Truc Square possesses the integrated convenience system inspired by the All-in-one philosophy. Nui Truc Square promises to deliver a unique cultural space, a lifestyle in harmony with nature.


Nui Truc Square is situated right in the center of Hanoi – The ancient Hanoi as it is known with 36 streets for 36 trades. This is not only the administrative center but also the economics and cultural center of Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam.

This area also gathers the compact community of Japanese and Korean tourists and entrepreneurs who are staying and working in Hanoi.


Perfect combination of modern amenities and traditional value is what you can find at Nui Truc Square.

All-in-one conveniences system provides the tenants with whatever they look for so that they do not have to find elsewhere: from library, cinema, to café, spa and gym, indoors swimming pools, etc.

In case you want different experience, the surroundings of Nui Truc Square has a lot to offer from restaurant to hotels and it is as easy as pie to get around from this location.

Call to: (+84) 931 130 668