GOLDEN RULES to be noted when choosing an Apartment / Condominium to buy

GOLDEN RULES to be noted when choosing an Apartment / Condominium to buy 28 July

Making a decision to buy an apartment requires a lot of researches and reference check since there is a growth in the supply of the apartment/condominium segment, however, most of the projects are still “on paper” and the foundation has not yet been set up or poured.

There are 3 POINTS that you need to pay extra attention to when choosing an apartment to buy. These are 3 essential things that you should note and hold in mind when considering among options.

  1. Investor’s capability and prestige

This is not only the “guarantee stamp” for the quality and the “class” of the real estate project but also the commitment for the handover progress from the investors.

It is obvious that no customer is willing to buy a property when it was still “on paper” and then wait for it to be built whilst there is a high chance that it would be delayed due to the financial support of the projects. Therefore, the assessment process on the investors via their previous projects as well as handover period and quality of final products is essential.

  1. Real estate project’s legislative status

Doing “intensive” researches over the legislative status of the project, such as:

  • Payment term
  • Handover period
  • Contract penalties
  • Investor’s responsibility
  • Form of possession
  • Bank guarantee
  • Customer’s obligation, etc,. is definitely for your own goodness.


  1. A system of conveniences and amenities

Customers should not only pay attention to the internal conveniences because most of the apartment building projects nowadays have been well-equipped with basic system including shopping mall, gym & yoga, swimming pool, etc. You must also look into the external amenities of the area in which the project is located. That is why it is said that the spell in real estate industry is “Location – Location – Location”.

The apartment or condominium project must have the convenient regional connection, which means that it is easy to get access to other regions in the city or to the center of the city, it must be close to schools, markets, shopping malls, hospitals and other amenities which are necessary for life.


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