Real estate investor

Hai Phat has been recognized as a reliable and prestigious real estate investor in the construction investment industry for having achieved success through various real estate projects such as: Tan Tay Do Urban Area, The Pride Complex, Phu Luong Urban Area, etc.

Real estate brokerage

Our real estate consultancy and brokerage services prioritize customer’s preference and respect the variety of demands and financial capability to decide which real estate project fits each customer

Leasing apartments

With the professional consultancy process, we guarantee to connect the lessor and the lessee according to customer’s needs for housing in a timely manner.

Real estate legislation consultancy

We support and advise our customers about real estate, housing, license, construction, dispute, real estate registration fee, etc. for all types of projects with different scales. The service is free of charge.

Real estate Valuation

With an experience team which has intensive professional knowledge in real estate, Hai Phat will provide our customers with the details of the real estate’s value from trustworthy information source.

Real estate Management

Hai Phat converges a team of enthusiastic real estate consultants who have had years of experience and we can support our customers in managing and transacting real estate projects which meet their demand.

Marketing Solution Consultancy

Not only do we distribute the real estate products and services, but we also deliver Marketing solution consultancy to help investors make better marketing plans to approach their target market more efficiently and build their brand name in a consistent manner.

HR training and development service

Hai Phat has established the first and biggest real estate academy in Vietnam to deliver the excellent curriculum which covers the wide range of aspects in real estate to provide young people and those who have passion for real estate with knowledge and the set of skills so they can be work ready.

Market Research

With current perspective of real estate market in Vietnam, amongst the variety of projects such as condominium, villa, shophouse, condotel, office, etc., determining the good earning property requires a lot of hard work.

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