Market Research

With current perspective of real estate market in Vietnam, amongst the variety of projects such as condominium, villa, shophouse, condotel, office, etc., determining the good earning property requires a lot of hard work. Researches and reports conducted by Hai Phat Global’s professional, dedicated and most experienced research team, will provide the clients with an accurate and overall look of the real estate market for wise decision-making.


How it works

Hai Phat Global’s research team closely monitors the pulse of the real estate market not only in Vietnam but also every major market around the world. So, we can identify the trends, factors and tell where the market is going in the mid and long term period. Additionally, our market research and reports can be customized based on the practical need of an individual, an organization to find the solutions or to plan for the future.

Our latest reports

News has the most valued when it is timely and fully updated. Therefore, we maintain regularly the insightful segment specific reports and international trends analysis in real estate industry.

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