Real estate brokerage

HAIPHAT GLOBAL is proud to be the distributor (brokerage) for the real estate projects invested by several influential partners such as: TNR Holdings Vietnam, Hai Phat Invest, Geleximco, HAPULICO, HUD…
The accreditation from all of the reputable investors in the real estate industry is the proof for the capability and prestige of HAIPHAT GLOBAL in distributing and developing the real estate project with large scale and great value in Vietnam.


How it works

Our real estate consultancy and brokerage services prioritize customer’s preference and respect the variety of demands and financial capability to decide which real estate project fits each customer.

Who needs us?

Taking the responsibility of the brokerage, we act as the middle-man. We connect people in need with people who have products and help the demand meet the supply.

Call to: (+84) 931 130 668