Vietnam’s economy & Hanoi Market report in 2020

Vietnam’s economy & Hanoi Market report in 2020 3 February

About 2020, this is a year to forget, with lessons to remember. From natural disasters, protests, riots, racial tension to the worst – deadly covid-19 pandemic which has damaged the global economy with negative impacts like temporary and even permanent business closures, public gatherings are banned, traffic restriction; airline industry, export company, tourism, retailer and restaurants have been hit dramatically and so on … Worse than anything most of us have ever seen!!!

Luckily, Vietnam has successfully contained the spread of the novel coronavirus to make the country’s growth rate among the highest in the world. Even we are not quite out of the woods yet, but most of activities have been settled down to normal. As an investor, you should keep your focus on the moves of the economy as you start to make your decision for the next year. So let’s see how Vietnam economy performed in our market report by filling out the form below!!!

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